Mom Attempts To Handle Plumbing Problem, Now Her Son Has To Call The Fire Department [WATCH]


A mom trying to do a professional’s job all by herself ended up calling a cavalry of fireman as she was caught in a video as she gets her hand stuck into the porcelain throne.

Gracie Henderson

Gracie Henderson

Gracie Henderson had just moved into her new home in New Caney, near Houston, with her children, and things didn’t turn out smoothly. “A water pipe busted in the wall the day I moved in. I got my car stuck in the mud in the front yard. My brand new lawn mower stopped working,” Henderson told the Houston Chronicle.

The series of unfortunate events culminated when her toilet stopped working. She didn’t have a plunger nearby for her clogged toilet, so she thought she could fix the clog with a little manhandling.

“I thought maybe I’d grab it, and problem solved,” Henderson said. “Nobody was here, nobody would ever know,” she thought to herself. “If I find it, pull it out and wash my hands.”

She opted to stick her hand into the toilet bowl, but she forgot to remove her watch. Unfortunately, her watch got caught in the pipe when she stuck her hand in. She was extra embarrassed because she’s a medic herself, and knew how it would sound from a first responder’s standpoint.

“It’s not really stuck, I’m not really about to call 911 for this. We’ve done all kinds of crazy stuff [as medics], but I have never done a hand stuck in the toilet call,” she said.


Her hands get stuck and unable to free it, she called the local fire department.

Firefighters arrived and they were forced to uproot the doomed toilet and carry it out in the yard along with its owner. Firefighter had to use a sledgehammer to free her.

“We told her to shut her eyes and look away,” firefighter Randy Sustaita. “I knew [the toilet] was going to break fairly easily.”

Henderson’s friend Nicole Mullins, was at the scene and filmed everything with her cellphone. The video was later uploaded to Facebook and it was viewed more than 1.1 million times.


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