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Morgan Freeman Sparks OUTRAGE, Pisses Off Palestinians and Israelis With Facebook Comment

13012708_987648024651182_675904295844860902_n-e1460642335894-300x197Actor Morgan Freedom accidentally set off a Facebook comment war when he posted a picture of himself in Jerusalem with the tag “Jerusalem, Israel.”


The status of Jerusalem is contested, with both Israelis and Palestinians claiming the entire city as their capitol.

Palestinians and their supporters responded with comments like, “Mr. Freeman welcome to the eternal and Struggling capital of the state of Palestine.”

Others were more direct. “It’s Palestine you fool,” said another.

That of course sparked responses from Israelis and their supporters.

“There is no Palestine and never existed an independent state or country with the name of Palestine. Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital of JUDEA and ISRAEL,” said one.

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“Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the eternal people,” said another. “Happy to have you Morgan Freeman! Israel loves you!”

After the picture was widely shared and invited over 8000 comments, Freeman finally just edited the caption so it simply read, “Jerusalem.”

Freeman is not the first actor to accidentally fall afoul of the sensitive Jerusalem issue.

Jean-Claude Van Damme was also forced to change an image caption on Facebook after facing backlash for saying “Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel!”


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