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Mother Breastfeeds Her Son In Public, Onlookers Disgusted When They Look Lower


This footage shows the amazing response one motorcycling mum had to coming off her bike – as she breastfeeds her baby.

The amazing film reveals an accident scene where a motorbike is trapped under the front of a car.

The camera then goes to an assembled group of people in what is reported to be Brazil and, when they part, a mum can be seen breastfeeding her little one.

As she calmly offers her breast, her painfully twisted left ankle looks to be facing the wrong way with blood in evidence.

But after such a road traffic collision , it’s clear that her tiny passenger was her number one priority.

Watch the video here.

Another person in the background appears to be bleeding as people walk around the scene, hopefully awaiting the emergency services.

The video has been shared online with comments including: “Respect to her for taking care of her baby.”

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