MSM Continues To Push Lies Against MAGA Hat Wearing Teens, But There’s One Issue With It

The media is continuing its frenzied attack on Catholic school kids who went to a pro-life march.

The media onslaught has continued even after the kids have reportedly gotten death threats.

The Native American man who claims to have been a victim of the teens has spoken out and told his story of harassment, The Daily Mail reported.


He told The Washington Post: ‘It was getting ugly, and I was thinking: “I’ve got to find myself an exit out of this situation and finish my song at the Lincoln Memorial.”

‘I started going that way, and that guy in the hat stood in my way and we were at an impasse. He just blocked my way and wouldn’t allow me to retreat.’

Phillips said he noticed tensions beginning to escalate when the teens and other apparent participants from the nearby March for Life rally began taunting the dispersing indigenous crowd.

A few people in the March for Life crowd began to chant ‘Build that wall, build that wall,’ he said.

Philips said he kept singing and thinking about his wife, Shoshana, who died of bone marrow cancer nearly four years ago, and the various threats that face indigenous communities.

He said he was left shaken by the incident on Friday. He added: ‘I’m still trying to process what happened. I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed.’

He said he hopes the teens will find a lesson in all of the negative attention generated by the videos.

‘That energy could be turned into feeding the people, cleaning up our communities and figuring out what else we can do.

But the kids involved, and the video evidence, have told another story, The Daily Mail reported.

The mother of the student seen standing face-to-face with Philips claimed ‘black Muslims’ had been harassing the group from the private, all-male Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.

In an email to the news website heavy.com, she wrote: ‘Did you hear the names of the people were calling these boys? It was shameful.

‘Did you witness the black Muslims yelling profanities and video taping to get something to further your narrative of hatred??

‘Did you know that this ‘man’ came up to this one boy and drummed in his face?’

The encounter took place at an anti-abortion March for Life rally in the capital on Friday.

A student from Covington claims it was Philips who approached them and he ‘has a history of claiming racial harassment.’

In a letter posted on Twitter by a priest named Fr. Jim Sichko, the unnamed student said that his friend who came face-to-face with Philips as Philips stood singing and beating his drum, now faces expulsion for ‘a crime he didn’t commit.’

He claimed his school attends the March for Life rally in D.C. every year and they had been asked to meet at the Lincoln Memorial at 5.30pm.

As an all-male school he said the group likes to get ‘hyped up’.

The video evidence seems to prove that the teens were the victims.



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