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Muslim Woman Claims ‘Racism’ After Border Patrol Agents Don’t Let Her Into US Then Everyone Learns What’s On Her Cell Phone

The battle for America as we know it is raging. The latest attempt by the left is to buck everything that President Trump has tried to implement in his first few weeks in office. That includes putting American citizens at risk for terror attacks all in the name of “inclusion.” The Executive Order signed by Trump is at the heart of the liberal cry baby antics.

Fadwa Alaoui, a Muslim woman was stopped by border patrol agents when she attempted to enter the United States from Canada and they found some disturbing content on her phone.

Here’s what she said about the incident from CBC:


“I felt humiliated, treated as if I was less than nothing. It’s as if I wasn’t Canadian,” Alaoui told CBC News in an interview Wednesday.

“He said, ‘Do you practice? Which mosque do you go to? What is the name of the imam? How often do you go to the mosque? What kind of discussions do you hear in the mosque? Does the imam talk to you directly?’” Alaoui said.

Border agents also asked her about Arabic videos on her phone. She said they were videos of daily prayers.

Alaoui said after the questioning, she waited about another hour. The border agents returned and told her she was being denied entry.

“They said, ‘You’re not allowed to go to the United States because we found videos on your phone that are against us,”  Alaoui said.

Lately, there have dozens of incidents of Muslims making up “hate crimes” in order to get people to feel sorry for them. The border agents most likely found materials which were suspect, which then prompted them to make the decision to keep her out of America.

Here is what the Gateway Pundit had to say,

The Muslim faith promotes lying and says that it is okay to deceive non-Muslims, it’s called Taqiyya. Muslims have been caught making up dozens of ‘Fake Hate’ crimes in which they claim they were attacked because they were Muslim and they usually associate the attack somehow to President Trump. Fake Hate crimes are a serious criminal offense and have lead to the arrests of many Muslims.

It’s great to see our border agents making the right decision to keep us safe, without worrying about political correctness. Obviously, they felt this woman was a threat because of what they saw on her phone. Of course, the mainstream media will continue to try and make this into a story about racism when that obviously wasn’t the case at all.

H/T [Gateway Pundit ]

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