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My Take on the First Debate: The Winner Is



Monday night’s debate between career criminal, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump starts at 9:00 PM at Hofstra University.  The stakes are high as the race remains close but with Donald trump owning the momentum.  A terrible debate by either candidate Hillary has the biggest disadvantage.  besides the fact that she has to appear calm (Maybe) and sane (Not a chance in hell) but on top of that, she has to hope she can goad Trump into acting insane because so far that’s the only strategy that works.

Trump has a good shot of winning if he keeps fact checking Hillary and pointing out that she lies about everything.  She could self destruct under those circumstances.  Hillary, here’s some free advice from jack Nicholson:

But the one who faces the most pressure could be the moderator, Lester Holt.  If he doesn’t do his damnedest to deliver the debate to Hillary, he could get Matt Matt Lauered by the lamestream press.  But if he does that, he could lose viewers to his nightly news program and he could lose the precious anchor seat.  Well, it’s 9:00 and here are the candidates:

Hillary started out saying she will create an economy that works for everyone.  That’s not possible without income redistribution but that does not increase prosperity.  Again, she offers no specifics.  Wants all companies to do profit sharing and that’s on top of her raising their taxes.  So why would any sane person invest in a business they won’t benefit anyone.  Would Bill Gates invest more in Microsoft if he had to give up his profits?  Of course not.

She also said she wants free college for everyone but no explanation where the money is coming from.

Trump pointed out that outsourcing is costing this country hundreds of thousands of jobs.  He wants to renegotiate trade agreements.  Taxes and regulations must be reduced to allow companies to thrive in this country.

Donald Trump said that companies that leave this country must pay a 15% tax for products they want to sell here.

Clinton claimed that the 2007 recession was because of Bush’s tax cuts but the money was lost on mortgages which by the way was increased greatly under Clinton.  His policies favored predatory lending.  Clinton also said she can revive the economy by increasing funding for sun and wind power.

The next subject was the direction of the country.

Trump said we need to bring back the rule of law and pointed out the high crime rate in the black communities in cities that have been run by democrats .

Clinton called for drastically limiting gun ownership and reducing sentences for blacks.  She also said that police are racists.  In fact, she said it all people (white people)  who are all biased and racists.  She then called for federal control over policing nationwide.  Trump also reminded the crowd that it was Hillary who coined the racist label of blacks as super predators.

Trump mentioned that stop and frisk policy in New York and how it reduced murders from 2,200 to just 500 and then he said 500 is too many.

The crowd laughed when Hillary said that Obama was a dignified man.

Security in America was next.

Clinton says we can destroy ISIS by an air campaign alone.  Since when?

Lester Holt asked about homegrown terrorists but then named the San Bernardino shootings, the New York bombings and several other attacks which were perpetrated by refugees and immigrants not Americans.

Clinton says we need to lean on the FBI and CIA but the FBI wasn’t able to nail her on her illegal activities with her emails so how can we trust them on terrorism.  Especially when they cleared people who went on to commit terrorist acts against Americans.

Trump pointed out that Clinton was in charge when ISIS was formed and grew.

Clinton insists the Iran deal is great and says we have full access to Iranian nuclear plants.  That’s a lie.  Their biggest nuclear plant, they get to inspect themselves.

Clinton also said she was for limiting nuclear weapons around the world.  But it was Hillary who approved a deal that gave Russia 25% of all uranium mined here in the United States.  Of course she and Billed received 31 million for their trouble.



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