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N.H. Democrat Wants To Throw the Elderly Out In the Streets

New Hampshire likes to brag that they have no state income tax.  That is true but boy do they have property taxes.  A three hundred and fifty thousand dollar home is taxed $5,513 in NH.  The same house in Connecticut goes for $5,095 and in ultra liberal Massachusetts the tax is only $3,920.

The problem is in NH many of the elderly have homes they paid 30 or 40k for forty years ago and they cannot afford the property taxes.  All they want is to live what little time they have left in their own home of many years.

Manchester Alderman Christopher Herbert, a Democrat who is also a state rep, wants to toss grandma and grandpa out on the streets so someone younger can move in and pay more property taxes.  While republicans are trying to give credits to the elderly in order for them to keep their home, democrats, the party of caring just like the Islamists are the religion of peace want the extra money.

Herbert said:

“I’ve got an 85-year-old woman that lives across the street, and, and she won’t give up her house, she’s sitting on $350,000 dollars and she can’t afford it anymore and you’re saying (pointing to Alderwoman Shaw) give her a tax credit….NO, we should have a program that GETS HER OUT OF THE HOUSE….. I mean, we need to get new people to come in and, and, ‘occupy’ those houses. We can’t be run by the elderly in a city…that, that, that’s foolishness.”

Herbert doesn’t provide details about his Get-The-Seniors-Out-Of-Dodge program, how much it costs, or who pays. Most likely, the program would involve shifting the local tax burden onto the state and federal governments. It’s what Democrats do.

You’d be mistaken, though, to think of Democrats as giving a flying freak about seniors. The elderly have had their day; now, they’re broke, but sitting on all that taxable property….

H/T US Herald

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