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New Information Calls Into Question Vince Foster’s Death



Clinton “fixer” Jeff Rovin’s revelation that Hillary and Vince Foster had an affair for years raises questions into his death.  According to official reports Foster died from a single gunshot to the head.  However, researchers who went through the files years later came upon a resignation letter from Miguel Rodriguez.  In that letter, it suggested that Foster had a second smaller gunshot wound on the right side of the neck, by a smaller caliber bullet than the .38 believed to have killed Foster.

Click the following to read the resignation letter from Rodriguez to Kenneth Starr.  You will notice that he says he was forced to resign because he was placed under investigation after identifying the neck wound.

Almost immediately after Foster’s death, Hillary ordered Foster’s office searched and all documents related to Whitewater and the affair were removed:

He [Rovin] claimed to have helped scrub the office of Vince Foster to snatch documents related to the Whitewater scandal and covered up an alleged affair between Hillary and Foster. But Rovin told Hannity he was tasked with distracting the media while Hillary’s crew rummaged through Foster’s office. He also called the Hillary-Foster affair “pretty much an open secret.”

It gets more curious.  It seems that Vince Foster had hired an investigator to keep an eye on Bill Clinton, by the name of Jerry Parks who became the head of security for the Clinton/Gore campaign.  When Parks asked Foster why he needed someone to investigate Bill Clinton, Foster told him it was for Hillary.  Just two months after Vince Foster was found dead, Parks was found dead with three bullet holes in his body.  Parks’ wife and son said he had become fearful for his life after the death of Vince Foster and that Parks told them that Foster had been murdered.  No one was ever arrested or even suspected in his death.


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