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NEW REPORT: Christine Ford’s Lawyer Now Has To Lawyer Up

It is a given that if your lawyer has to lawyer up then things are not going well for your team. That seems to have just happened for the Dr. Ford team. Her lawyer and retired FBI-DOJ special agent Monica McLean seem to have been engaged in what could be construed as witness tampering. That is the story that has leaked out and now has a lot of attention. here is what is known at this time.

As Written and Reported By Ed Timperlake for the American Thinker:

America now knows that Dr. Ford had her high school friend, the retired FBI-DOJ special agent Monica McLean, who is also a lawyer, involved with her and present for her Senate testimony.  Thanks to Wall Street Journal reporting, we now find out that lawyer McLean was so integral to the conspiracy that she tried to lean on a key witness to “clarify her statements.”

This has backfired spectacularly and did absolutely no good for Dr. Ford since the denial of any knowledge about the alleged event from the witness remained 100% absolute.


In fact, on a human level, it was tragic that she threw a childhood friend so under the bus in putting mysterious health issues in play with millions watching.  Dr. Ford turns out to be a nasty, expedient person.

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