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Obama Official: Killing an American is Not Cause Enough For Deportation of Illegals


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Sarah Saldana wrote a letter to congress explaining that a simple case of killing an American by an illegal alien who decides to get drunk and then street race is not grounds for deportation in her eyes, Obama’s eyes or US law.  Since when?  Since Obama and his decision to appoint an illegal alien activist to be in charge of deportations.  Just as Obama has appointed Israeli hating scum to be his point men and women on Israeli relations and Middle East policy, so too, he hires radical illegal alien advocates to make sure future democrats are not sent out of the country.

The specific case the letter was addressing is one involving  Edwin Mejia, who was charged with vehicular homicide after getting drunk and going off to the street races.  His car plowed into one being driven by 21 year old Sarah Root.  Multiple requests by the  Douglas County Police Department for federal authorities to come and get Mejia fell on deaf ears.  That doesn’t surprise me.  The only thing thing that would surprise me less is if I found out that after Root’s death Saldana hit the streets celebrating and passing candy out to the children.

Saldana says that “after further review” agents should have detained Mejia.  Further review?  We don’t need no further stinking review.  The illegal killed an American citizen during the commission of three separate crimes, illegal entry, public intoxication and illegal street racing.  What the hell kind of review do you need to do ?  Obama put the fox in charge of the hen house.  Would they remove him from the country after his conviction, she was asked:

“Even if he were convicted of the offense, motor vehicle homicide — driving under the influence, the conviction would not constitute a crime of violence under the immigration laws, and consequently, would not constitute an aggravated felony,” she wrote. “The conviction would not render him subject to mandatory detention, nor would it significantly impact his eligibility to apply for relief or protection from removal.”

Little chance Mejia will be found guilty in a court of law though.  You see, he skipped bail and is hiding out.

Trump….Make America Safe Again.

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