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Obama Pays the Price After Saying Trump Supporters Are ‘Paranoid’ and Inciting ‘Divisions’ In America


Former President Barack Obama’s speech Friday at the University of Illinois has dominated several news cycles. This isn’t surprising since it represents the first time the former president has really addressed the sitting president by name instead of skirting around him using innuendoes, treating him as if he were Voldemort.

What has been surprising are the rapturous plaudits Obama’s speech received. I understand most of what Obama does gets plaudits in the mainstream media — but there was an unusual audacity to pretty much everything he said, and it didn’t involve the audacity of hope.

Four times during the speech did a president who intentionally divided America for eight years in the White House talk about “divisions,” according to a transcript from Vox; and each of those “divisive” instances involved Republicans.

When Obama invoked “decent” or “decency,” however, he spoke exclusively of Democrats. That’s the party that, at the very moment the former president was making the speech, was using the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings as an advertisement for the midterms and beyond.

It didn’t take much to notice the incongruence. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida certainly did, and he went to Twitter to expose it.

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