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Obama Pulls FBI Agents Off Garner Case So He Can Imprison Cops


In New York City, Eric garner was confronted by the police and he resisted.  Eleven times he said that he couldn’t breathe.  He later died and the coroner ruled his death a homicide.  Here is where many people get confused.  When a coroner rules a death a homicide, it does not necessarily mean he was murdered.  A coroner’s ruling of homicide is not the same as a prosecutor’s.  There are five classifications of death that coroners use.  They are homicide,  suicide, accident, natural, and undetermined.

For the purpose of coroners, homicide means an intentional act that leads to death.  If you swerve to miss a kid who runs out into the street and you hit and kill someone else in the process, it’s ruled a homicide.  But the driver did not commit a murder.  It was an accidental death but ruled a homicide because the driver intentionally swerved their car.

Obama and Lynch have decided to pull the original FBI agents off the case because they didn’t find that Garner was choked to death.  After all, if you are really being choked, it’s impossible to being strangled.  And being able to say it eleven times erases all doubt.  A jury in Staten Island agreed.  So, why were the agents replaced?  because they want to charge the police on civil rights violations.  They can’t charge them with murder because of double jeopardy.  But they can charge them with violating Garner’s civil rights.

From The Mail Online:

An investigation into whether the officers involved in the fatal encounter violated Mr Garner’s civil rights has been stalled by federal prosecutors and the FBI opposing bringing charges but the Justice Department backing the case for them, The New York Times reported.

Anonymous federal officials told the paper that the investigation has now been reorganized by the Justice Department, with FBI agents and officials from New York replaced by outsiders.

It was revealed recently that Pantaleo earned $120,000 last year.

He was stripped of his badge and gun and placed on desk duty after putting Garner, an asthmatic, in a fatal chokehold.


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