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One Of The Biggest Stars On Broadway Just ‘Joked’ About Killing Trump

A Broadway star and former protegé of the legendary Lucille Ball had some rather dangerous words for President Donald Trump as she and her husband talked to reporters in West Hollywood Sunday night.

TMZ photographer asked Carole Cook, 94, what she thought of a Trump supporter unveiling a “Trump 2020” banner in the audience of “Frozen” on Broadway last week, and she revealed her thoughts on the current president of the United States.

“Is that a proper venue for a Trumper to bring a banner to?” the photographer asks.

“Well my answer to that is […] where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?” she responds.

Before she provides her answer, however, her husband, Tom Troupe, begins to presumably say the same phrase, before he tells her to go ahead and say it, suggesting the couple has had this conversation before.

“Oh this is good,” Troupe forewarns. 

Cook jokingly asks if the photographer knows who John Wilkes Booth was, and her husband says, “he killed presidents.”

As if her intentions weren’t already clear, another voice asks “So we need to kill President Trump?”


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