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PHOTOS: Girl’s Selfie Goes Viral After People Notice Something Strange In The Background, Do You See It?

A Twitter user tweeted a selfie of her that has the internet on a major meltdown and it really isn’t hard to see why after looking at this photo.

In the image, you see a young couple embracing each other, smiling at the camera.

Though it is what is caught behind them in the mirror that has people wondering what in the world is happening.


Here is more from the Daily Mail:

Selfies can inspire a lot of emotions – love, jealousy, and even admiration. But one teen’s viral selfie has instead left the internet feeling nothing but horror and total bewilderment.

On Wednesday, Twitter user Andy Fuentes posted a selfie taken by a couple (the man in the picture does not appear to be Fuentes). The image shows two young people embracing, and at first glance – all appears to be perfectly well.

Yet, take a closer look – particularly at the mirror in the back of the picture. Notice anything off? That’s right – though the girl in the picture is facing the camera and away from the mirror – you can also see her face fully reflected in the mirror, giving the illusion that the girl in question has two faces.

Initial reactions to the image express horror and shock. ‘Delete this,’ demanded one Twitter user. Others posted screenshots of the girl’s zoomed in the face in the mirror, accompanied by exclamations of ‘What!’

Also expressing peoples’ confusion were plenty of GIFs of dogs freaking out and priests waving crosses.

Fortunately, someone seems to have unearthed a clue in the photo’s caption that could explain the entire ordeal.

‘I love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini,’ says the text accompanying the original picture. Though this seems a casual thing to say, some feel it directly explains the weirdness in the photo.

A Gemini is a sign of the zodiac that is represented by twins. Thus, people often stereotype those born under the sign of the Gemini has been ‘two-faced’ or having split personalities. 

Some seem to think that the two faces evident in the picture is actually a play on that sign of the zodiac.

‘They are the twin sign,’ explained one Twitter user. ‘This is a doctored photo playing off of that.’ Of course, not everyone was so easily convinced, and as the original poster of the image has yet to offer an explanation, many feel they are still in the dark.

This is not the first time in recent memory that a couple’s selfie has left the internet scratching their heads and wondering what sort of evil was afoot. 

Last year, another Twitter user posted a selfie of him and his girlfriend. Just as in this latest snapshot, a woman’s face is visible in a reflection behind the couple. 

Some thought it was a pattern in the woman’s headscarf that coincidentally looked like a face in the reflection behind her. Other’s questioned the authenticity of the picture and thought it had been intentionally manipulated. 

In both cases – the official story behind the mystery has yet to be revealed and so, as always, the internet will continue to question. 

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