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[PHOTOS]: Here’s How Casey Anthony Spent St. Patrick’s Day

Ten years after Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter, Anthony was seen out and about on St. Patrick’s weekend partying it up with various men.


Wearing a tank top, Anthony was found pounding back beers and other alcoholic beverages during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in West Palm Beach, Florida. The 32-year-old has returned to the spotlight recently after she and her father have tried to mend their shattered relationship. Over the course of the murder trial that lasted six weeks back in 2011, Anthony revealed that her father had sexually abused her.

Here is more from Daily Mail:

Casey Anthony has been spotted partying at a bar for St Patrick’s Day in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Anthony, 32, who was acquitted of the 2008 killing of her own daughter, appeared to be living it up with a group of friends at O’Shea’s Irish Pub, where she was seen late Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday.

In addition to St Patrick’s Day, it’s also a birthday weekend for Anthony, who turns 33 on Tuesday.

A source at the bar told that Anthony was ‘partying pretty hard and asking people to take shots with her.’

Photos show Anthony festively dressed for the holiday, with a bright green ball cap and green sweatshirt tied around her waist.

Anthony, who has been spotted at several West Palm Beach bars in recent days, was seen getting friendly with several men at the bar.

Though her current relationship status is unclear, she was most recently linked to 38-year-old Antony Karagiannis last fall. He was not seen among her group of friends at the bar.


Karagiannis, a bar worker with a child of his own, said at the time that he ‘didn’t care’ about Anthony’s past, but insisted that they weren’t officially dating and that he wanted to keep things ‘casual.’

Anthony was acquitted in 2008 of the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee after a highly publicized trial.

Prosecutors alleged that she was a party girl who had killed her daughter to live a carefree life free of parental responsibility, but a jury found her not guilty.

In January, Anthony told DailyMailTV that she had rejected offers of doing a reality show because she ‘is not the wild child everyone characterizes me to be.’


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