[PHOTOS] Woman Delivers Pizza To Man For Years, Then She Sees Inside Of His Home

Talk about heroes now always wearing capes and Angela Nguyen is definitely one of them.

Angela, a pizza delivery driver in her community, took it upon herself to help save one of her customers, Lee Haase. He had a habit of buying pizza on Saturday nights which had made him a regular customer of the Nguyen’s.


Mr. Lee, who had made an old 12-foot camper his home after devastating storms destroyed his former residence. He had also lost his son to an accident which culminated to him giving up on life. The small camper which Lee lived in was too far from being described a ‘home.’ Angela’s daughter, Sarah who also helped her mother in the pizza delivery business had come to know about Lee’s poor leaving living conditions. She informed her mother about what she had learned, this made Angela probe further only to discover that Lee’s camper had no power supply, flowing water nor a heater. As winter drew nigh, the old man could not be protected from the harsh atmospheric conditions that are associated with such cold months. Angela was ready to help Lee Haase and little did she know that such act of kindness will save this man’s life.


We need more people like this in the world!

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