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Police Under Fire: Four Ambushes on the Same Day


It almost seems like a conspiracy.  Police officers were ambushed in four different cities on Sunday.  The first occurred in San Antonio, Texas.   Detective Benjamin Marconi, a 20 year veteran of the department was writing a traffic ticket when a man walked up to him and shot him dead.  The police have described the man as being black, about 5’9″ and driving a black car.


The second shooting was in St Louis.  A policeman was shot and killed as he was sitting in his SUV.  The shooter pulled up along side him and fired two shots, both of which hit and lodged in his face.  He is in the hospital in critical but stable condition and is expected to live.

Mayor Francis Slay said:

“He was targeted because he was a police officer.  He didn’t stop anybody. He didn’t point a gun at anybody.”

The suspect in that case, described only as being 19 was shot and killed in a shootout later in the day by police.

A third shooting took place in Sanibel, Florida.  He was also shot ambush style.

From NBC2 in Florida:

Sanibel Police officials say the suspect who shot a police officer on the island Sunday evening is in custody.

The suspect was taken into custody in the Dunes neighborhood after exchanging gunfire with officers from the Sanibel Police Department.

According to police, an officer was shot and injured during a traffic stop around 8 p.m. Sources identified the officer as Jarred Ciccone.

We learned Officer Ciccone was shot during a drive-by while he was conducting a traffic stop.

The suspect fled the scene and was located in the 1400 block of Sandcastle road.

Officer Ciccone was taken to the Lee Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released.

A fourth officer was also shot during a traffic stop in Gladstone, Missouri, near Kansas City.  Both, the officer and the suspect were shot.  The officer is in the hospital and expected to live.  The condition of the suspect is unknown.  Full details of the dhooting have not yet been disclosed.

You really have to wonder if the four shootings were somehow related.  Maybe tied to the liberal financed riots taking place across the country.

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