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Poll: 34% of Voters Say FBI Investigation Makes Them Less Likely to Vote for Hillary


Thirty four percent of voters questioned in the most recent The ABC/Washington Post tracking poll say that they are less likely to vote for Hillary than they were before the FBI announcement.  The same poll shows that Hillary has dropped from a 12 point lead to only one at 46-45.  Since only one day of the period of that tracking poll was after the FBI announced it was reopening the investigation, that means Trump was closing the gapby leaps and bounds before the announcement.

The new case is related to former New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner “sexting” a teenage girl. Weiner is married but now separated from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. And the emails were found on a laptop Abedin and Weiner shared, sources told Fox News.

The FBI this summer wrapped up a roughly one-year investigation into Clinton using the private server system.

Comey said at the time that some of the emails from the server included classified information and that Clinton was “extremely careless” in her actions. However, he said the agency didn’t have enough material to recommend to the Justice Department criminal prosecution.

Clinton has said that she did not mishandle classified material in the emails.

The Clinton campaign has suggested in the past couple of days the release of Comey’s letter 10 days before Election Day is politically motivated and in fact was a breach of FBI protocol, in addition to repeatedly calling on Comey to provide more details to the American people.

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