Protester’s Alligator Mouth Writes Check Butterfly Butt Can’t Cash



Ted Cruz was making a last minute stop and was talking to reporters when a loud mouthed college professor yelled out to Cruz:

“Cruz, you’re a shitbag!”

Unfortunately for him that he shouted right into the ear of Doug McKelway, of Fox News.  McKelway swung his elbow back at the little man, catching him square in the gut.  McKelway warned him against yelling as he and the other reporters were trying to hear what Cruz was saying and then he turned back around.  Evidently, the protester has the brains to match his bravery and decided that then was the time that he should start kicking and shoving McKelway.  McKelway turned around and gave the twerp the evil eye and the protester tried to slink away.

McKelway didn’t let him.  He went after the quickly retreating Mouth That Roared.  When he caught him, he let him know it would be very unwise to interfere with his job again.

What is it with these protesters?  I mean what did he seriously think he was going to accomplish.  His insult as profane as it was probably couldn’t top half the insults Cruz would hear when his family got together for Thanksgiving dinner.  My guess he isn’t a real protester.  My guess he is just some small weaselly guy who has known nothing but utter failure in his life and he was reaching out desperately for his promised 15 minutes of fame.

After the weasel left, several reporters congratulated McKelway on his bravery.

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