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Protesters in Philly Chanting “Lock Her Up” and They’re Democrats



Bernie Sanders’ supporters are already out in large numbers and are protesting the rigged primaries.  To show their displeasure, they began chanting, “Lock Her Up”.  Bernie’s supporters were angry when the FBI declined to ask for an indictment, which would have given Sanders the nomination to Bernie.  Bernie’s supporters became rejuvenated this week even though Bernie has endorsed Hillary after DNC emails proved that the party was actively working to defeat Bernie.  Even more are angry that Bernie, who argued against Wall Street and Immigration has endorsed Clinton who opposed him on both counts.  Bernie sold out….cheap.

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The chant “Lock Her Up” originated in last week’s republican convention and has been given new life in Philly by those who feel Bernie was cheated out of the nomination.

From The Wall Street Journal:

At a lively Sunday march in support of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, chants of “lock her up,” “Hillary for Prison” signs and t-shirts and calls for indictment were common among the most ardent supporters of Mr. Sanders, who arrived in Philadelphia to make their voices heard to the delegates attending the Democratic National Convention.

Republicans used last week’s Republican National Convention to make the case that Mrs. Clinton’s perceived ethical lapses made her unfit for office. Delegates to the Republican convention could be heard chanting “Lock her up!” while “Hillary for Prison” shirts and bumper stickers have proliferated across the country.

The WSJ went on to explain that Bernie’s supporters were more than willing to explain why Hillary should be locked up:

The chant, which originated on the floor of the Republican gathering in Cleveland, refers to Clinton’s non-indictment for mis-handling classified information. FBI director James Comey said earlier this month that while Clinton had been “extremely reckless” with national security secrets on her private and unauthorized email server, and that they had likely broken the law, they did not have the requisite criminal intent to sustain prosecution.

Look for more from the Sander’s fans throughout the week and possibly even on the convention floor.

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