Rabid Libs Get Shock Of Their Lives After Yanking Down 2 Confederate Flags Off Of Southerner’s Parked Truck

There is nothing worse than seeing some ignorant inbreds acting like SJW’s when it comes to the rights and opinions of others, and they seem to be unable to learn their lessons by messing with the flags and trucks of good southern folks. This father/daughter pair sure did learn though.

Princess Snowflake thought it would sure show those southern “racists” a thing or two if she violently ripped two Confederate flags off of one of their trucks. Well that isn’t really the time nor place to be throwing around your liberal weight, and she was soon fleeing like the coward she truly is. Her daddy, King Moron, decided to try and physically stop her pursuer. Bad idea.

The flagging rally that they tried to ruin is held weekly and is always a peaceful display of southern flags and good people just showing their pride. In true rebel fashion, however, the organizer, James Bessenger, took to the chase to get their flags back. He was the one who Daddy Num-nuts thought would be safe to lay hands on.


According to US Herald :

Outside Charleston, the S.C. Secessionist Party were putting on its weekly display of southern flags. A passerby, later identified as 22-year-old Lydia Folckomer of Brooklyn, bore witness to this peaceful display of southern heritage, and seized the opportunity to rip two confederate flags off of a parked truck, sprinting away afterwards.

In an attempt to catch the vandal, and reclaim the stolen property, James Bessenger, founder of the S.C. Secessionist Party, took off after Folckomer. However a man, later identified as Paul Folckomer, Lydia’s father, stepped in front of James, grabbed him, and impeded his pursuit.

Later Paul Folckomer would tell authorities that he grabbed James in order to keep him from chasing after his daughter; however, at no point was James, or any member of the S.C. Sessionist Party, the aggressor in this situation.

Lydia, a visitor in to South Carolina, vandalized a vehicle, stole 2 flags, and then her father man-handled a civilian who was simply trying to ensure justice was wrought upon the fleeing criminal.

When police asked Lydia, a white girl from Brooklyn, why she stole the flags she simply responded that “they upset her.”

The first instinct upon hearing this story, is to blame the PC culture for creating an environment where a New Yorker feels they can travel to South Carolina, and dictate to its citizens what is/is not an acceptable form of southern pride.

However, even the PC Police would be hard pressed to justify the hypocrisy of blatant criminal activity upon a peaceful flag ceremony all in the name of not hurting anyone’s feelings.

The fact that Lydia, and to a lesser extent her father Paul, felt comfortable enough to rip confederate flags off of the back of a pickup truck in broad daylight shows just how intolerant liberals in this country are of differing view points.

With all their preaching of acceptance, and tolerance, liberals never respect conservative cultures or customs, even when they are visiting from out of town. If James had ripped 2 “Co-Exist” bumper stickers off the back of a Prius in Brooklyn President Obama would be holding a press conference right this moment, in tears.

Just goes to show that you are not safe to voice your opinion in this country anymore. Even in your own backyard.

Lydia and Paul spent were arrested and spent the night in jail. Good.

Police did their jobs well and acknowledged that the Secessionist Party was in no way aggressive and the morons that stole the flags and physically restrained Mr. Bessenger were jailed for the night as they should have been. There is no word on any charges or further punishment as of yet, but there should be.

James Bessenger was the man who held a press conference recently side by side with Black Nationalist, Johnathan Thrower where both men did the absolutely most amazing thing and came to terms and respect for each other’s beliefs, and informed the community that they would not only be working together on a few things but also would never try to stop each other’s groups from flying their respective flags. Big props to the two men for doing what everyone should be doing.


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