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Refugee Arrested Just Before He Assassinates US Serviceman

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An refugee living in Maryland,  Nelash Mohamed Das, was arrested outside the home of a US serviceman outside his home in Hyattsville, Maryland as he was unloading the weapons from his car.  He is the 101st terrorist named Mohamed (in some version) to be arrested in the United States since 2001.  das went to the serviceman’s house accompanied by a confidential FBI informant.  Once he began taking his weapons out of the trunk, the FBI sprung their trap.

Das has been planning this attack since 2015.  On October 3rd, he and the confidential informant drove to the serviceman’s house.  Das had often repeated his allegiance to Jihad, voiced support for ISIS in Syria.  He also expressed his willingness to exchange martyrdom for Paradise.

The Baltimore Sun wrote:

Das used social media last year to express his support for ISIS, prosecutors said, “including support for terrorist attacks in Paris, France, and San Bernardino, California.”

Das tweeted the name and hometown of the service member, prosecutors said, and said the service member “aspires to kill Muslims.”…

Das tweeted a picture of an AK-47 assault rifle, prosecutors said, and wrote, “This is more than just a gun. This is a ticket to Jannah” — a reference, prosecutors said, to “the Islamic concept of paradise.”

On Twitter, Das also expressed envy of people “slaying kuffar” — killing nonbelievers — and dying as religious martyrs, prosecutors said…

During a meeting [with the confidential FBI source] on Sept. 11, prosecutors said, “Das confirmed that he was committed ‘100 percent’ to conducting an attack.”

“‘That’s like my goal in life,’” he told the source, prosecutors said. And on Friday, prosecutors said, he sent the source a text: “I’m ready”

Das’ prosecutor released a statement:

“Nelash Mohamed Das is alleged to have plotted to kill a U.S. service member on behalf of ISIL,” said John Carlin, the assistant attorney general for national security, using an alternate acronym for the Islamic State. “Individuals intent on carrying out violence in the name of foreign terrorist organizations pose one of the most concerning threats that law enforcement faces today, and stopping these offenders before they are able to act is our highest priority.”

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