Remember When Racist Blacks Take Over School And Forced Whites To Pay For Slavery With Their Urine

There was once a time in this country where people fought desperately for desegregation. My how the times have changed. We can thank Obama for that. During his 8 years in office, he constantly tried to divide our country by race, and over time the younger generation took his words to heart. He divided our country into white and black and the two races are now constantly at odds with each other. Liberals are continuing to make matters worse as they are now pushing for blacks-only schools, ceremonies, and living arrangements. Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling over in his grave. Not only that but they are demanding reparations for practices that were carried out hundreds of years ago. Heck, many white people’s families didn’t even arrive in this country until the turn of the 20th century, but somehow it is still our fault for what happened in the past. It makes no sense!

Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington is one of those places that continue to stir the pot by forcing whites to vacate the premises for a “blacks only” day where they forcefully kick white people off campus to achieve their goal of segregation for the day. They formed up like a gang going from classroom to classroom threatening whites to get off campus or else.

The “day without whites” was just the start thanks to university president George Sumner Bridges. He encouraged radical-minded blacks to overrun the school and now whites are reportedly unable to use the restroom without having a black escort.


Imagine if the roles were reversed and blacks were being persecuted like this. We would hear about it on every major news outlet, and there would be riots on the streets all over the country. Whatever happened to equality?

Why is Harvard University allowed to hold a separate graduation ceremony for blacks and no one bats an eye? How is it that separate housing is being established just for blacks at Colorado State University and this type of segregation is deemed acceptable in our country? Or how about a cafe on campus where whites are completely banned from eating, as is the case at The American University in Washington D.C.?

Our country is not making progress, it is backsliding to a time where equality is considered wrong and segregation is the answer. Why do we allow this to take place? We can thank Obama for this new type of racist thinking. It was always his goal to divide our country and place us on the brink of Civil War., and he succeeded. We have to start coming together just like Martin Luther King Jr. fought and died for. This is America where we are to be given equal opportunity. This is not equal opportunity.



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