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Rep Omar Shows No Shame With Wildly Anti Semitic Comment


Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar let her antisemitic flag fly on Sunday when she tweeted an anti-Jewish stereotype.

It came in response to a tweet Glenn Greenwald, a journalist at The Intercept.

“GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy threatens punishment for @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib over their criticisms of Israel. It’s stunning how much time US political leaders spend defending a foreign nation even if it means attacking free speech rights of Americans,” he said.

“Equating @IlhanMN & @RashidaTlaib’s criticism of Israel to Steve King’s long defense of white supremacy is obscene (McCarthy said it’s worse). In the US, we’re allowed to criticize our own government: certainly foreign governments. The GOP House Leader’s priorities are warped,” Greenwald said.

“Sorry, but you’re not going to turn the two first Muslim women to serve in the US Congress into overnight Jew-haters because of their criticisms of Israel. What’s actually anti-Semitic is conflating the Government of Israel with Jews, so those of you doing that should stop,” he said.

He did not have to turn Omar into an overnight Jew-hater because she did it herself.

“It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” Rep. Omar said, a reference to Jewish people and money. A typical antisemitic stereotype.

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