Robot dressed in cap and gown along with iPad face walks across the stage for a hospitalized girl at graduation

A teenager was very sad when she was hospitalized and told that she will not be able to leave for 3 weeks.

Cynthia Pettway, a high school senior from Alabama, said that she was the first grandchild in her family to graduate.

She worked hard to graduate and get her diploma from LeFlore High School, and therefore, it was devastating to hear that she would miss the special day.

Her mother enlisted the help from USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital and the Mobile County Public School System.


Together, they managed to have a robot that was controlled by Pettway stand instead her so she can virtually walk across the stage.

The robot was dressed in a cap and gown. There was an iPad for the face from which Pettway was able to watch and take part in the entire ceremony.

More than 40 members of Cynthia’s family and friends gathered in a conference room at the hospital to watch the graduation ceremony along with her.

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