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School Officials Remove Muslim Basketball Player From Game After Noticing 1 Odd Thing About Her

Je’Nan Hayes is a student at Oxon Hill High School in Prince George’s County. She is also on the basketball team. Life seems pretty good until one day everything changed for her. After playing in her previous 24 games of the season, she felt it odd that her coach kept her benched.

The reason? Je’Nan is a devout Muslim who wears her headscarf as a symbol of her faith and prior to the game officials made the decision that Je’Nan would be unable to play due to that very thing. If you are going to play a team sport, expect to follow the rules or don’t play.

According to Newsiosity:

Coach Donita Adams said she had no choice but to keep Hayes on the bench. “I didn’t even want to look down at Je’Nan in that moment,” Adams said. “I had not yet told her that she wasn’t allowed to play in the game because of her headscarf.” When asked about the situation, Hayes said, “I felt discriminated against, and I didn’t feel good at all. If it was some reason like my shirt wasn’t the right color or whatever, then I’d be like, ‘Okay.’ But because of my religion, it took it to a whole different level, and I just felt that it was not right at all.”

 The story was shared in the school newspaper, The Current, where it gained traction. According to the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association, players with a different type of clothing do have to have a written waiver. However, they also said they disagreed with the way the situation was handled and would not be asked her to sit the game out.

Rules are rules and they need to be followed. Unfortunately, the coach just didn’t know how to handle such a delicate situation. Hayes is however determined to continue playing basketball and said we will not be seeing the last of her.

H/T [ Newsiosity ]

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