SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT: Giuliani Says Mueller Was The ‘Insurance Policy’ To Remove Trump

This is a MAJOR bombshell if true.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a current attorney for President Donald Trump, told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday that special counsel Bob Mueller was the insurance policy mentioned in the texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

The two FBI employees who were lovers had texted about an insurance policy against President Trump in case he won the 2016 presidential election.



Coincidentally, as Giuliani said, Strzok was one of the first investigators hired by Mueller for the Russian collusion investigation.

“All those texts of Strzok and Page deleted after they find out Strzok is texting that he hates Trump, that he’s going to get him, that he’s going to stop him, and if he can’t stop him, he has an insurance policy to get him out of office,” Giuliani said.

“I believe Mueller is the insurance policy to get him out of office,” he said.

“I’m not just saying that. Strzok was his first investigator. How is it that all the ones that are eliminated are the ones he did when he was working for Mueller?” Giuliani said of the texts that have been deleted.

And he had a message for Mueller.

It is time to show your cards.

“My ultimatum is put up or shut up, Bob. What do you have?” he said.

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