SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Key Figure in Oregon Standoff Killed in Cold Blood by FBI

Disturbing new footage shows the death of LaVoy Finicum, a key figure in the weeks-long armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge headquarters in Oregon.

According to a law enforcement official, Ammon Bundy and several fellow occupiers were pulled over Tuesday on U.S. Highway 395 on their way to a community meeting in the city of John Day.

LaVoy was shot by the FBI with his hands up, murdered in cold blood, as can be seen in the shocking video. The media previously reported that he did not surrender and “shots were fired.” We now know that this was definitely not the case – the only shots fired were fired by the FBI.

“LaVoy placed himself in harms way so no one else would be shot,” the Bundy Ranch stated via Facebook. “Our hearts are breaking; we will never forget. We will stand peaceful and principled to restore liberty.”

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