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Spring Breaker Sticks Head Out Window To Yell ‘Bye Miami,’ And Then Gets Crushed

Spring Break is exciting for young people across the country as it is a way to blow off some steam after a long winter.


Many of these young adults flock to the Sunshine State to enjoy some R&R and party vibe.

However, a fun trip with the intention of celebrating a birthday quickly became a tragedy for one Miami tourist visiting the beaches from the frigid area of Chicago.

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The group of friends had spent three days in Miami enjoying the weather and swimming along the beaches. Eventually, the time came for them to return to the airport and return to reality.


The group of friends jumped into their Hyundai rental and speed to the Airport Expressway. They were near Okeechobee Road a few minutes from Miami International Airport. The friends were driving on Sunday morning at 4:43 am where there were very few cars on the road.

That’s when Mariah Michelle Logan, 23, met a tragic end. Because she was not eager to leave Miami, she started “hanging out” of the window of the tiny rental car. Then she yelled, “Bye, Miami!” as the group of young people watched the Miami skyline disappear behind them in the back.

Without any warning, Logan flew out of the car. It was an accident. She landed on the hard road. This occurred as the Hyundai driver changed lanes from the outside into the center lane.

At this point, a hit-and-run driver ran over Logan and crushed her to death. The person kept going after the act of manslaughter.

The crash report came in on early Sunday morning.


“She was just being silly. She loved life,” Ray Olden, her boyfriend, said. He spoke to the Miami Herald about the tragic end of the young woman.

Before their trip to the airport, Logan and the other friends went to the beach, ate a last meal in the city, and spent the night dancing at a club. It was the perfect last night in Miami.

Olden got a call the moment it happened.

“The moment it happened, saying that my baby was gone, fell out the window and was hit by a car. I started screaming, and they were crying and said they had to call her sisters and that they were so sorry.”

The Florida Highway Patrol claimed that a male driver in a Range Rover ran right over Logan and the driver stopped to see what he had hit.

When he saw that he had killed a young girl, he drove off. The case is being investigated as a traffic homicide.

Police are not sure if alcohol was involved in the incident and are investigating that as well.


There were witnesses at the scene of the homicide. However, the state refuses to help aid the police investigation by providing the surveillance footage that is along the highway. The reason for this lack of cooperation is worrying since a young woman was killed.

The reason that the state can’t share the video footage is that they do not store any of it. The cameras only capture real-time images.

“It’s going to be hard for investigators,” an FHP spokesperson said.

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