Supposed Child Advocate Is Arrested For UNTHINKABLE Crimes

How much do you want to bet that this supposed advocate for children is a Democrat and a donor to the Clinton Foundation? 

Here is more from Conservative Daily Post:

Depending on their focus, advocacy groups can be undeniably helpful in raising awareness to address important issues. However, a sick young man recently nullified the impressive contributions he had made in advocating against child sexual abuse when he was determined to be a pedophile deserving of a lifetime prison sentence.

Despite working for several organizations and even co-founding one himself, Joel Davis, 22, is apparently one of the monsters that he and the liberal advocacy organizations fought to expose. An operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that the charity advocate had previously assaulted children as young as nine months old. He was ultimately caught attempting to make arrangements to assault an undercover officer’s fictitious children said to be ages two and nine.

For his disgusting admissions, Davis was rightfully arrested on Tuesday in ManhattanNew York.

Suspected in being involved with sex crimes against children, the FBI had been keeping close watch on Davis, prompting them to launch a sting operation beginning in June.

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