Ted Cruz’s “Plan” for Trumps Upcoming Impeachment Trial Has Democrats Panicking

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has come up with a terrific idea for President Donald Trump‘s upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate.


He calls his idea “witness reciprocity” and the concept is taking off among his Republican colleagues.

Basically, if Democrats want to hear from John Bolton for example, the Republicans get to call Hunter Biden in return, as Vivek Saxena at BizPacReview reports:

Unlike House Democrats, who used unfair rules to prevent their Republican colleagues from having any say in the chamber’s impeachment proceedings last year, Senate Republicans appear intent on ensuring their colleagues are granted a say.

And so on Tuesday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz reportedly pitched the idea of “witness reciprocity,” a innovative solution that calls for each side being allowed to call an equal number of witnesses to testify in President Donald Trump’s upcoming trial.

If Senate Democrats were to choose to call former Trump administration National Security Adviser John Bolton, for instance, Republicans would in turn be allowed to call, say, former Vice President Joe Biden or his son Hunter. Fair is fair, after all.

Again, we think this is a terrific idea, after all it would only be fair right?

The president’s son Donald Trump Jr, also seems to think that witness reciprocity is a fantastic idea.

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“I love @tedcruz’s plan of witness reciprocity. The American people want to hear from #wheresHunter Biden, #sleepyJoe Biden, #fullofschiff, the phony “whistleblower” etc. much more than they do anyone on our side especially since the house had free reign of witnesses for months,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

Further Politico reports that McConnell and other GOP Senators are open to the idea of witness reciprocity:

“McConnell was open to that message. … Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) later raised the strategy to the broader Senate Republican Conference.”

“Then shortly after, and echoing the message of Cruz and Paul, McConnell publicly warned Democrats that if they want to call additional witnesses during the proceedings, Republicans will counter with some of their own, and Democrats won’t like who’s on the GOP list.”

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