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The CNN/ABC Debate is Slanted for Trump: Will They Change the Format to Protect Hillary


The format for the CNN/ABC debate favors Donald Trump by miles.  It was decided that voters could decide what questions will be asked during the next debate.  Since voters weren’t very happy with the questions asked by Hillary campaign manager, Lester Holt, it was decided that people could vote on what questions would be asked at the second debate to be held on Oct 4th.  That debate will be a townhall type debate, with audience members asking questions.

The Atlantic Writes:

Viewers unhappy with the questions asked at Monday night’s debate will have a shot to weigh in before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton meet again on October 9: For the first time, the networks producing the town-hall style debate have agreed to accept questions voted on through the internet.

The Commission on Presidential Debates had already announced that the second of three debates would feature questions submitted online in addition to those asked by the traditional studio audience. But on Tuesday morning, the organizers confirmed they are embracing a format that a broad bipartisan cross-section of activist and civic groups known as the Open Debate Coalition have been pushing for years. Americans will be able to submit and then vote on questions online at, and ABC and CNN have agreed to consider the 30 most popular queries when they jointly plan the debate.

Go to the site and vote for the questions you want the moderators to ask today and have your friends do likewise.

Here are the top 10 questions as of Tuesday:


– See more at:


I fully expect this format to be changed in order to protect Hillary Clinton.

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