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The Department of Justice Has Ordered Lawyers to Take Ethics Class


The Department of Justice (DOJ) has ordered it’s lawyers working on Obama’s illegal amnesty program to take an ethics class, because of the way they lied to the judge during the proceedings.   But, before you get the idea they are doing the right thing, understand their motivation.  By sending the lawyers to ethics classes, they hope to avoid even more strict punishment.  The judge, Andrew Hanen has been very displeased about all the lies and disinformation he got from the DOJ lawyers.  In addition, the DOJ is now asking Hanen to allow the 108,000

From The Washington Times:

“In light of the events in this case … I have asked an outside expert in attorney ethics and professional responsibility to provide special one-hour training of his design for Civil Division attorneys,” he said. He said he would take the class along with his employees.

He also said the federal government could be ordered to pay attorneys’ fees to the states, but he balked at further penalties such as sanctioning individual lawyers for their misbehavior, saying there was no evidence of “bad faith” from the attorneys.

The Justice Department also said it wouldn’t revoke the 108,000 three-year amnesties already approved for Dreamers, saying the states that sued haven’t shown any harm to them from having the three-year permits remain in effect.

The case has been a problem for the administration from the start. Even after Judge Hanen’s February 2015 order halting the program, Homeland Security continued to send out three-year approvals.

Immigration officials had to scramble to track those down and cancel the three-year permits, replacing them with two-year permits instead.

The most recent set of three approvals was not discovered until May — some 15 months after Judge Hanen’s initial halt and just days after the judge delivered one of his rebukes to the government attorneys.


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