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The Fix is in For Presidential Debates…Scheduled During Major NFL Games.



Donald Trump is on the warpath.  They are trying to pull a fast one on him and the American voters.  Two of the debates are scheduled at the same time as major NFL games.  The Commission on Presidential debates claims that it wasn’t done on purpose and that they made the schedule a year ago.  That doesn’t wash.  Everyone knows that Sunday night football is always either the best game of the day or the second best game.  Curiously, this is the same thing the DNC did to Bernie Sanders.

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Poll: Who won the Democratic debate?

  • Hillary Clinton…661   10%
  • Bernie Sanders6277 (90%)

Bernie Sanders consistently beat Hillary with 80% or more favoring Sanders.  She is a terrible debater, so the DNC scheduled the debates on the worst possible dates, including during an NFL playoff game.  Now the presidential debates are being scheduled the same way.  Does anyone really believe this is accidental?

The National Review noted the strange schedule for the democratic debates:

“Top Democrats think it’s no accident the Democratic National Committee scheduled the debate on the night of the big game in Iowa, at a time when fewer voters nationwide will see it. They see collusion between DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to insulate the Democratic front-runner from the potential challenges and embarrassments of a vibrant debate in front of a healthy audience.”

A couple of months later, the Boston Globe noted:

“Sunday night’s presidential debate should be the most closely-watched meeting of the party’s candidates this year. But once again, thanks to the Democratic National Committee’s schedule, debate viewership will not be even close to what it could have been.  It’s not new for debates to run on a busy weekend night. But this is by design: Of the six DNC-sanction debates, three take place on a weekend night. The last one took place on a Saturday night six days before Christmas.”


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