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The Real Reason Comey Reopened the Hillary Email Investigation



The reason being given for Comey reopening the Hillary investigation is the emails found on a device shared between Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner.  The answer isn’t quite that simple.  Apparently Comey was acting under pressure from Loretta Lynch and he underestimated the push back his announcement that he wasn’t recommending charges had at his work and at home.  Ed Klein, who has written four books exposing the Clintons has written an article explaining what has happened to Comey since that fateful press conference.

At work, he faced a growing list of resignations and many of the people he admires and counts on won’t even speak to him or even recognize his existence.  They feel like he betrayed them by not bringing charges against Hillary in what many figured was a slam dunk.  Klein spoke to a close friend of james Comey who said:

“The atmosphere at the FBI has been toxic ever since Jim announced last July that he wouldn’t recommend an indictment against Hillary.”

“Some people, including department heads, stopped talking to Jim, and even ignored his greetings when they passed him in the hall.  They felt that he betrayed them and brought disgrace on the bureau by letting Hillary off with a slap on the wrist.”

The friend said that Comey has faced scrutiny at home as well and that his wife, Patrice tried to get him to admit that he had made a mistake.  He allegedly told his wife that he was depressed by the large number of resignations on his desk by agents who are angry with his decision.

Evidently, that was the real motive for reopening the case along with the genuine belief that Hillary is guilty.  Enough that he has endangered his job by reopening the case despite the fact that his boss, Loretta Lynch wanted to stop the case and then told him not to send letters to the Congress, both of those orders were ignored by Comey.

Comey did not reopen the case with the belief that he would once again recommend charges.  He has gone all in.


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