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This Kitten Was Very Sick: Wait Til You See What Was in It’s ear [VIDEO]

A litter of feral cats were found and brought to the vet to be checked.  Only one kitten seemed to have real problems.  The vet noticed the kitten had a hole in it’s ear.  You can see something moving around and once it’s removed, you can see how really gross it is.

 Dr. Karri of Vet Ranch was the professional who made the disturbing discovery. Last week when she rescued a litter of feral kittens, she expected them to have a few basic health problems, but she would never have guessed that one poor soul would be suffering from a parasite living inside its ear.

When Dr. Karri picked up the white kitten, she noticed something breathing in its ear. Yes, this parasite was breathing…And it’s all caught on tape in the video below…

The type of parasite thriving off the flesh of the poor lost kitten is known as a Cuterebra. And don’t let this bug fool you, there is nothing “cute” about it.

This parasite comes from the adult botfly. These insects lay eggs inside a living, breathing host. When these eggs hatch, the larvae inside start to eat the flesh and skin and hair of the host in order to survive.

While this is certainly something that needed to be dealt with immediately, this story has a happy ending. The little kitten, which has since been named Maddox, survived and is much healthier now.

But the little kitten might not have made it out alive if it wasn’t for the hard work and quick thinking of Dr. Karri and her team at Vet Ranch.

Besides this large parasite breathing in his ear, the kitten also had eye issues. But thankfully he is getting the care he needs and that is being taken care of too.

If you think you can stomach it, check out the video below. But some viewers should just skip it and go check out something a little more inspiration like how this dog rescued a toddler.

Once you start the video, skip to the 1:50 mark.



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