Thugs ATTACK Elderly Lady, Immediately Regret It When 3 Marines Get Involved

Anyone could be sure to make a loss of efforts on an endeavor as long as you do not take proper care to what goes on around you before going all out on your target. Well, maybe some couple of hoodlums who tried to show their strength on a 60-year old would tell us how true this is–an adventure that turns out to be the laud of the valiant marines of our time.

An eventful evening unveiled the scenario that brings the concern to keep an eye on teens as some young punks set on a 60 year old to thieve her possessions. As confirmed by the court documents, the woman is a retired police officer who was alone in the parking lot of Alderwood Mall in Lynwood, Washington. Threatened, the woman dropped her purse while held at gunpoint by these hoodlums. She frantically hopped into her vehicle and pulled off, hoping to track them down. When she couldn’t, she began honking to call the aid of anyone nearby.

Thanks to the heroes who launched out almost immediately they heard the loud honks coupled with the woman’s screams for help. As reported by KIRO 7, these three responded to the alarm to see what was happening. Seeing a pair of teens take to their heels, they set off to chase. Not only were they after getting back the woman’s belongings, they were also concerned about sweeping away the ravaging acts of crime and delinquency knowing that one of the teens was with a gun.

Their efforts revealed an 18 year old suspect, Diego Tavares, who began to run away when noticed by one of the marines, Staff Sgt. Ben Shoemaker, who then got after him on foot while Staff Sgt. Riccardo Schebesta and Staff Sgt. Bryson Twigg helped out. Straight away, Ben Shoemaker got him under his ‘arm bar‘ technique, to ‘keep him compliant’ till the police came through.

‘No–that kid was never going to outrun me. Marine runs towards the sound of chaos’, he said, though it was the first time he would use the ‘armbar’ since deployment from Iraq. Fox news also reported Riccardo Schebesta, who stated that their reaction was one taught since basic marine training. After being handed over to the police, Diego Tavares was jailed on a $25,000 bail, though his accomplice slightly escaped.
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