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Trump Says He Will Bring Gennifer Flowers to Debate…She Accepts



On Friday, the Hillary campaign said that they were giving a front row seat to Mark Cuban, an enemy of Trump’s and quite possibly the most hated American right behind Hillary.  To counter that, Donald Trump suggested he would Gennifer Flowers, one of Bill Clinton’s mistresses.  Apparently she has agreed to come as she replied to the Donald in a tweet.

Trump tweeted:

If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!

Flowers replied:

“Hi Donald. You know I’m in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!”

I think Trump has a better option.  He should invite Tyrone Wood’s father and Sean Smith’s mother and give them tee shirts that sat “Our sons died then Hillary Lied”

From The Hill:

Bill Clinton testified under oath in 1998 that he had a sexual affair with Flowers.

Trump was responding to billionaire Mark Cuban, a Hillary Clinton supporter who frequently slams Trump. Cuban on Thursday said he accepted an invitation from Clinton to sit in the front row at Monday’s presidential debate.

Flowers appeared to accept Trump’s invitation in a tweet Saturday afternoon. 

“Hi Donald. You know I’m in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!” she wrote.

Trump’s public reference to Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs will likely roil the presidential race just two days before the first debate.




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