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Trump Smacks Paul Ryan Down After He Attempts To Publicly Humiliate Him

On Wednesday, President Trump smacked down Speaker Paul Ryan for his remarks regarding the proposed end to birthright citizenship.

Trump took the time to tweet at Ryan, stating that the Republican from Wisconsin should focus his energy “on holding the Majority”, instead of creating division which could cause the GOP to lose the control of the House.

“Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the Majority rather than giving his opinions on Birthright Citizenship, something he knows nothing about!” Trump tweeted.

This tweet comes after Ryan declared that Trump could not end the birthright citizenship by an executive order, which is how the president proposed to handle the controversial topic.

“You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order,” Ryan said.

Trump then went on to further add “our new Republican Majority will work on this,” implying that he would look to lawmakers to put an end to the Constitution’s protection of birthright citizenship.

Now, while many Republicans echo President Trump’s feelings toward birthright citizenship, there are some Republicans that feel his suggestion has gone too far.

Legal experts have stated that limiting the birthright citizenship through an executive order is in conflict of the 14th Amendment that states, “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

The vocal opposition from Ryan is somewhat out of a character who has said in the past that he prefers to handle disagreements with Trump behind closed doors.

“It works better to have private conversations than public disputes,” Ryan told news outlets earlier this year. “I can say anything. We have very candid conversations.”

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