Two Bear Cubs STOP Motorists Driving As They Play In The Middle Of Road [VIDEO]

A pair of small, furry bear cubs surprised some motorists driving through Montana’s Glacier National Park. The bear cubs were playing in the middle of the road that caused traffic.

Glacier National Park is a national park located in the United States state of Montana, on the Canada–United States border with the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. It is a very popular tourist and local destination, especially during the holiday season.

The Park was recently the site of an extensive traffic jam and the motorists had no idea what was causing the hold-up. However, when the drivers found out what the problem was, their frustrations quickly relaxed and gazed in wonderment at the sight before them.

Video footage captured by an amazed driver shows a black mass on the road, and other drivers stopped to watch. Some even got out of their cars to take pictures and videos of the adorable duo.

The cubs are rolling together on the road and cuddling each other in front of their crowd.

Standing on just two feet, they pat and playfully bite each other.

Being stuck in traffic is a boring, frustrating, and can change even the most patient people to aggressive drivers. In this situation, motorists did not mind the delay in their travels because they are enjoying a spectacular and delightful sight that they left their vehicles to film the young animals interacting with each other.

Two babies look like they are fighting at first but if you will watch the video further you will realize that they are just having fun. They stroke at one another and roll around on the paved road. They even hug each other before coolly walking back into the woods.

The motorists are lucky because there was no sign of the cub’s protective mother bear.

After the video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube, it has received over 50,000 views and many comments.


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