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Two Men Step Forward And Clear Kavanaugh’s Name—Destroying Ford’s Claims For Good

The Democrats flimsy case against Brett Kavanaugh is continuing to crumble around them and now it appears to be decimated. In a HUGE turn of events, two men have stepped forward saying that they and not the judge were the men who assaulted Christie Blasey Ford.

Here is more from Daily Wire:

The Senate Judiciary Committee reportedly met with two men this week who think that they assaulted Christie Blasey Ford in 1982, not Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Politico congressional reporter Burgess Everett reported the summary from the Judiciary Committee, which stated: “Committee staff have a second interview with a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in the summer of 1982 that is the basis of her allegation. He described his recollection of their interaction in some detail.”


A second Politico reporter, Elana Schor, added that the Judiciary also had a phone interview with a second man who also believed that he may have assaulted Ford in the summer of 1982.

Of course, we all knew that these allegations were false but now with these men stepping forward corroborating the fact that Kavanaugh is in the clear makes it even better.

Hopefully, Ford will be sued and have to face the consequences of her actions.

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