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Two of Vicente Fox’s People Sentenced For Brutal Murder of Man, Age 80


Two of Vicente Fox’s illegal aliens who murdered an 80 year old man so that they could rob him have been convicted and will have to serve 37 years in prison before being deported, unless the president at that time is Malia Obama.  Reinol Vergara and Edson Benitez pled guilty to 2nd degree murder and accessory to 2nd degree murder for the brutal killing of 80 year old Earl Olander.

Hey, Vicente…Can you read sign language?


From CBS Minnesota:

According to the criminal complaint, Vergara and Benitez bound Orlander’s hands, beat him and then stole from his house. Olander’s entire house was ransacked with drawers pulled out and thrown around, cabinets and closets opened and emptied and various documents and papers strewn about the residence… Vergara told police that he had recently painted Olander’s house and knew he’d be an easy target because he lived alone and had money. They drove to his house on April 9 or 10 to rob him. The two men brought with them a black bag that contained a shotgun, duct tape and rope.

The complaint states they entered Olander’s residence through an unlocked back door. Olander was sleeping on the couch when the two men put a blanket over his head and attacked him. Olander fought back, but was hit it the back of the head with a shotgun. He was also hit on his face, head and body and his hands were bound with duct tape while the two men ransacked the home.

Olanders’ relatives are grief stricken that he was so brutally killed and taken from them.  They describe him as nice guy who always did kind things for those around him.

“What happened to my uncle was pure evil.  When the defendant painted his house my uncle brought him water and snacks from the store.”

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