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Unbelievable! Mother ARRESTED for Taking Phone Away From Rebellious Teen Daughter

A Michigan mother arrested after stealing her teen daughter’s cell phone as a form of discipline has been vindicated.

The Ottawa County prosecutor dismissed the charges against the local woman on Tuesday. Questions remain, however, as to why she was arrested in the first place.

“I would like answers on why it got so far and how it got this far where this happened within my home. I’m disciplining my child, then I’m being the one handcuffed,” Jodie May told WOOD-TV.


May was nursing her 4-week-old baby the day before Mother’s Day when a deputy knocked on her door, telling her she’d be arrested on a misdemeanor theft charge.

“He had told me that he was going to arrest me, and I asked him if I could turn myself in on that Monday by myself, that I had a new baby. She wasn’t taking the bottle yet,” she said.

Her proposals weren’t accepted. She was arrested and taken to a holding cell before being released two hours later on a $200 bond.

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