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UP IN SMOKE: Proponents look to expand marijuana legalization in November

Even more states could vote to legalize marijuana this year, as pro-pot advocates look to capitalize on changing voter attitudes to replicate their recent successes in Colorado and Washington state.

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The legalization question is coming before voters in very different areas of the country, both politically and geographically — Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia.

But polling indicates the measure stands at least a chance of passing in otherwise conservative Alaska, while the ballot initiatives appear to enjoy popular support — at least for now — in Oregon and D.C.

“I think they are all going to pass,” declared Mason Tvert, communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project, which has contributed over $566,000 in funds and services to the effort in Alaska, according to state campaign finance records.

“Public support for ending marijuana prohibition is at an all-time high, and people can sense that change is inevitable,” he said. Meanwhile, Florida voters are also set to weigh in on a measure that would approve medical marijuana.

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