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UPDATE! More Missouri Towns Targeted For Possible Terrorist Activity, Massive Cell Phone Sales, Within One Week.

Missouri is a hot spot for cell phone sales, by foreign speaking men, this week. Just hours ago Daily Headlines reported a Lebanon Walmart sold 60 cell phones in the early morning hours to two men. Well, the FBI is hopping because two more Missouri towns are reporting the same sort of cell phone sales and are investigating.

FOX4kc reports: In less than a week, law enforcement agencies in three different Missouri cities have investigated the purchase of large quantities of cell phones at Walmart stores. In two cases, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was contacted.

Last Saturday, KSPR reports that police were called to a Lebanon, Mo., Walmart when two men purchased about 60 cell phones early in the morning. Police tell KSPR that terrorists can use cell phones as bomb detonators in addition to using them for communication, and can be hard to track if prepaid.

KSPR says the men weren’t arrested because police say they hadn’t technically done anything wrong. However, the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office says it contacted the FBI.

An FBI spokesperson told FOX 4 on Wednesday that it’s standard procedure for law enforcement agencies to contact them if they deem something to be suspicious.

On Monday, KMIZ reports that Columbia police say they were alerted to something similar when several men bought dozens of phones at a Walmart late last week, and paid in cash.

“It’s not right, it doesn’t make any sense,” a witness told KMIZ. “Who’s going to order 50 phones for Christmas? Who does that?”

On Wednesday, the Macon County Sheriff’s Office said it is investigating a similar report at a Macon Walmart:

VIDEO from ABC17: The FBI is investigating two suspicious purchases at Columbia Walmarts that happened over the weekend.

Source: FBI investigating suspicious purchase at Columbia Walmart

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