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[VIDEO] Protesters Against Steve Bannon But Do They Know Who He Is



I have discovered why these protesters are so moody.  With their safety pin on their shirt there is nothing holding up their diapers.  It also explains the smell that follows them.  But basically, what I think this proves is they are bought and paid for protesters because they have no real idea of what they are protesting.

Chants of “no , no KKK, no fascist USA” by Los Angeles City Hall. Protestors want @realDonaldTrump to pull appointment.

The Democrats and some #NeverTrumpers smeared Bannon as being a white supremacist — just because.

They have no idea who he is – but they SURE DO HATE HIM.

RIGHT ON CUE!THEY KNOW NOTHING ABT HIM,BUT DEMS WANT HIM OUT!Feeling the Hate at Los Angeles ‘Stop Bannon’ Protest 

Photo published for Feeling the Hate at the Los Angeles 'Stop Bannon' Protest

Feeling the Hate at the Los Angeles ‘Stop Bannon’ Protest

Roughly 500 demonstrators gathered on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall for a “Rally Against Steve Bannon” on Wednesday evening.

More bedwetting….

The anti-Bannon protest ended at City Hall.

Anti protest in downtown LA.

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