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[Video] Secret Service Searching For Man Who Threatened Life of Donald Trump and Family


The Secret Service is looking into a video recorded by a black man brandishing guns, while threatening the lives of Trump, his wife and his daughter.  The Secret Service has acknowledged that they are aware of the video but refuse to say anything else.  This is common for the SS, since it could reveal what steps are being taken to protect their lives.  The man claimed that Trump wants to bring back slavery.

That’s an hilarious statement since he and many other blacks are already the slaves of the democratic party and is forced to stay on the plantation or face a public flogging or an orchestrated lynching.  Just ask any black conservative.  Right Herman Cain?  Right Clarence Thomas?  Right Sen Tim Scott?  Right Ben Carson?  We know that the democrats have declared that Trump is a racist because he doesn’t want illegal aliens or radical Muslim extremists to come into the country.  The democrats have used that to convince their slaves that Trump is out to get them.

But, if they would stop and think for themselves rather than listening to their democratic massas, they would realize the biggest beneficiaries of Trump’s immigration policy is the black community.  Young black males have an unemployment rate bouncing around between 35% and 55% under Obama because employers would rather hire adult illegal aliens than a black high school graduate with no work experience.  And they can’t get work experience because of the millions of illegals willing to work for low wages.



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