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[VIDEO] The Best Video to Teach White Liberals About Blacks and IDs


I am not usually wowed by videos.  I find them instructional and interesting but rarely ever am I wowed.  I am wowed by this one.  The video was made by Ami Horowitz and he demonstrates how truly racist liberal college students really are.  He went to the Cal-Berkeley campus and asked students if it’s voter suppression to ask for ID at the voting booth.  They all agreed it was and then named multiple reasons why blacks can’t get IDs.

Some of the reasons they gave were:

Blacks don’t have internet access.

Blacks have no idea where to go to get an ID

Blacks can’t afford the cost of an ID

And the young liberals claimed that black people don’t want to show their ID at the polls

Horowitz then went to East Harlem in New York City.  He asked them about the responses he got at Cal-Berkeley.  I’m not going to spoil the video for you.

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