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Want to Know What These Are? Ask a Baby Boomer

With the advance of technology, some of the best things in life are lost and the youth of today will look at them and never realize the joy it brought to their parents and grandparents.  These devices were designed to provide the background sounds for teen sex.  In other words, they were the speakers that were used at the once popular drive-in movies.  The sound crackled and you could break out a window if you forgot to remove it before leaving, but anyone who enjoyed going to the movies in an open air setting found it to be pure delicatessen.


 Before there were iPods, iPhones, Gameboys, and all that other technology that confuses me, we had a great way to get some entertainment:

Drive-in movies.

Gone are the days when you could drive up to watch a movie, enjoy some snacks, and have a relaxing evening. Although if you were parked at the back you knew you weren’t there for the movie…if you catch my drift.

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But in order to get the full effect of whatever movie was playing, you needed something important…sound.

That’s why we had these bad boys:

Drive-in speakers!

You had to hand one of these from the window of your car in order to get sound for the movie, but it was definitely worth it. Remember how high-tech we thought this was??

Now, you have to dial in to a certain radio station in order to get the audio for a drive-in movie (if you can find one, that is.) I guess it makes sense, because car radios are so much more advanced now. But a part of me will always be nostalgic for the old days!

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