Was Hillary Wearing her Earpiece Again…Looks Like It


Either Hillary was wearing an earpiece last night or she was agreeing when Trump called her disgraceful or she was trying out for a job as a bobble head doll.  During the entire debate, Hillary could be seen nodding her head whenever Trump was speaking.  My guess is someone backstage was feeding her the rebuttals.

People were noticing it, too.

@HillaryClinton must have an earpiece. She keeps nodding like she’s listening.

It appears that whenever @HillaryClinton isn’t speaking she is

Senator @HillaryClinton is nodding at Trump calling her plan a disaster. She must agree.

Why is @HillaryClinton nodding at every point@realDonaldTrump makes? Seems like she is agreeing with him at every turn.

Hey @FoxNews why @HillaryClinton nodding her head like she listening to someone in her ear??

Is this @HillaryClinton or a bobble head stand in? Her constant head nodding is making me nauseous.

Why THE FUCK is @HillaryClinton nodding?!?

@HillaryClinton who are you looking at to your left…and you keep shaking your head in agreement. Who are you agreeing with????

Hillary Clinton silently shaking her head needs to be a GIF stat

Hillary Clinton is a bobble head!!


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